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BromleyChildren and Young People Service Safeguarding and Social Care Division Procedures Manual

Child Protection Conferences, Reviews and Core Groups

"The timing of review conferences & core groups when a baby has been subject to a pre-birth child protection plan.

Following a consultation process over the summer 2017, the relevant section of the London CP Procedures have been amended – see below with changed text in bold:

  • 4.1.22 - Further reviews should be held at intervals of not more than six months for as long as the child remains the subject of a child protection plan. If the initial conference was a pre-birth conference, a Review Conference or Core Group should be held within 10 days of the birth (20 days if the mother is not medically fit to attend a meeting within the first 10 days). If the decision is made to hold a core group, then it is particularly important to ensure that all relevant health professionals attend including midwifery services. Subsequent review conferences should take place within six months thereafter.

Chapter 4 in Part A: Child Protection Conferences"

This chapter was added to the manual in January 2018.